Condor Ferries is featured ina new Ebook of aremarkable cycling trip around France


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Condor Ferries is featured in a new Ebook of a remarkable cycling trip around France, released last month by Neil Wilson Publishing.

Tour de France, Writing on the Road tells the story of how a young woman, Nina Jenkin  replicated the cycling trip her father Roy made in 1953 when he and a friend covered 2,300 miles around France, Switzerland and Germany. 

In 2003, Nina followed in her father’s tracks in order to raise funds for Cancer Research. In 1983, Roy died of cancer and the trip was Nina’s way of commemorating her father’s life. After Roy completed his trip he created a travelogue with hand-drawn maps including many of the photographs he had taken. This journal served as the inspiration for Nina’s trip. 

Accompanied by her friend Simon Rawles, Nina followed her father’s exact route and even stayed in some of the precise locations her father had. Starting their trip in Exeter, Nina and Simon travelled to Weymouth via a combination of bicycle and buses in order to board the ferry. Stopping off at Guernsey and Jersey, they stayed overnight on Mount Bingham just as her father had done in 1953. Nina and Simon then continued their ferry trip onto St Malo, France to complete Roy’s journey.  

Justin Amey, Marketing Manager at Condor Ferries, said: “We are delighted that Condor Ferries features in Nina’s new book, Tour de France, Writing on the Road. It is great that her trip on our ferries to the Channel Islands and France have been included as a part of her inspiring story and served as a fond memory of her father, Roy and his journey many years ago. We wish Nina the best of luck with the book and encourage others to explore the fantastic locations we sail to, to create their own inspirational experiences.” 

Nina Jenkin, author of Tour de France, Writing on the Road, added: “It is a fantastic feeling to have replicated the trip my father completed 60 years ago and have my experiences published for other people to enjoy.  Even though the trip got off to a bit of hairy start with punctured tyres and delayed buses, once Simon and I boarded the ferry at Weymouth, we knew we were in for a great experience and we immensely enjoyed our crossings with Condor Ferries. I’m thrilled to be able to share my experiences in Tour de France, Writing on the Road and raise money for Cancer Research.” 

This is an entertaining and informative read which may well inspire others to complete their own Tour de France.

Tour de France, Writing on the Road, by Nina Jenkin is available on Amazon Kindle, via 


Issued on behalf of Condor Ferries by McKenna Townsend 

For further information on Condor Ferries please contact Rachel Hadfield or Mel Bradley on 01425 472330 or email 


Editor’s Note

About Condor Ferries

Condor Ferries was founded in 1964 and initially operated a passenger service between France and the Channel Islands. In 1987 the first service linking the Channel Islands with the UK was launched and since then Condor Ferries has operated a year-round service connecting the UK through Poole, Weymouth and Portsmouth, the Channel Islands through Guernsey and Jersey and the ports of St Malo and Cherbourg in France. 

Condor Ferries operates Condor Vitesse, Condor Express, and Condor Rapide fast cat ferries. In 1999 Commodore Clipper, a conventional car, passenger and freight carrying vessel was introduced to the fleet to offer an all weather, year round service. Each year Condor Ferries carries more than 1 million passengers and 200,000 passenger vehicles.

Condor Ferries also operates Commodore Goodwill, as a freight only vessel.  The Condor Ferries fleet carries 100,000 freight vehicles into the Channel Islands each year as well as exporting tonnes of local produce. 

Condor Ferries is also an active member of the communities within which it operates and supports numerous organisations, sports and charities through sponsorship and travel.

More information about Condor Ferries and its services is available at  


About Nina Jenkin

Nina Jenkin now lives in Devon and works inside and outside the classroom. When not cycling she is a keen rower, sailor and skier, although she has not ventured on any more long-distance cycling trips since 2003.

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