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Holidaymakers needn’t let passport delays blight their well deserved holidays this summer – you don’t need a passport to travel to the Channel Islands with Condor Ferries.

Passport free travel with Condor Ferries

With up to 500,000 passports reported to be caught in the backlog and additional payments being demanded to process applications, holidaymakers will be relieved to hear there is an exotic paradise of white sand beaches and turquoise seas just across the water in easy reach without  the hassle of needing a passport. With fast ferries sailing from Poole and Weymouth, holidaymakers simply need to board the ship, sit back, relax and take in the stunning scenery across the English Channel. 

Situated in Baie de St Malo between England and France, Guernsey and Jersey enjoy some of the best weather in the UK, making them a perfect family holiday destination to explore the  safe, sandy beaches, rock pools and peaceful countryside.  With accommodation on offer to suit all budgets from camping and self catering to exceptional hotels plus wealth of attractions to visit, families with toddlers can enjoy a relaxing stay whilst keeping their little ones entertained.   

But holidaymakers shouldn’t be fooled into thinking the Channel Islands are just a family destination - for the wild at heart, there’s plenty of high-adrenaline water sports on offer, with Jersey’s St. Quens Bay boasting one of the best beaches for surfing in the UK, while savvy shoppers can get their retail therapy fix with tax free shopping where big savings can be made on jewellery, photographic and electrical goods.  And with no luggage restrictions on Condor Ferries, holidaymakers can pack everything they need, even including the family pet!

Alicia Andrews, Sales & Marketing Director at Condor Ferries, commented: “Reports of the passport delays will come as a devastating prospect to holidaymakers. Us Brits long for our summer break and the thought of this being hindered is not to be taken lightly. But there is a solution for anyone put out by the delays - travel to the Channel Islands with Condor Ferries does not require a passport and with our regular fast ferry services, holidaymakers can be topping up their tans in just two and half hours.” 

Demand is already high for Condor Ferries’ summer crossings. To find out more about the special offers available and to book tickets, please visit Passengers booking online will also receive an additional £5 discount when booking a car return. 




Issued on behalf of Condor Ferries by McKenna Townsend 

For further information please contact Mel Bradley or Caitlin Smith on 01425 472330 or email