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Onboard Commodore Goodwill, the team sighted five Bottlenose Dolphin and nine different species of seabird.

MARINElife survey from Portsmouth sights bumper numbers of wildlife.

The MARINElife team spotted a bumper number of marine animals on a recent Condor Ferries sailing from Portsmouth. Travelling onboard Commodore Goodwill, Condor's freight service, to Jersey on 23 - 24 August, the team sighted five Bottlenose Dolphin and nine different species of seabird, including Cormorants, Gannets, Herring Gull and Kittiwake. 

Condor Ferries has supported MARINElife's volunteer Research and Wildlife Officer programme since 2014, which allows the team to conduct monthly surveys on its fast and conventional ferries running from the UK to the Channel Islands and France. A wide variety of marine life and seabirds have been sighted during this time from acrobatic Common Dolphin, shy Harbour Porpoise and large Minke Whale, to the pirate of the seabird world, the Great Skua, globally threatened Balearic Shearwater and graceful Gannet. 

Condor Ferries' passengers can also get involved with select MARINElife day trips, sailing from Poole to Guernsey on Condor's fast ferry service, Condor Liberation. With a Wildlife Officer onboard, birdwatchers, marine enthusiasts and nature novices alike, will have the chance to discover the various species in both air and sea, learn more about how to spot and identify species making for the perfect day out for all the family. 

MARINElife is a Dorset based research, education and conservation charity conducting year round scientific surveys of whales, dolphins and seabirds. Rick Morris, MARINElife Chair of Trustees, commented: “Ferries are an excellent way for people to see marine wildlife for themselves and encounters with exuberant wild dolphins never fail to bring a smile. Our research shows that the coastal waters of the south west and the Channel Islands are rich in marine diversity with we thank Condor Ferries for the opportunity to both undertake dedicated research surveys and share our enthusiasm with its passengers”.  

Alicia Andrews, Executive Director - Commercial at Condor Ferries, commented: “The recent MARINElife survey from Portsmouth onboard Commodore Goodwill shows the wealth of wildlife just waiting to be discovered on our sailing routes. Our MARINElife day trips, available on our fast  sailings from Poole, give our passengers the opportunity to spot such marine wildlife for themselves, and with a Wildlife Officer on hand, the trip will not only be enjoyable but also informative. Our day trips also provide vital funds to the MARINElife charity, helping the team to continue to do their important work." 

MARINElife day trips with Condor Ferries will run on the following dates from Poole to Guernsey on Condor Liberation:  

September 8, 14, 22, 27

October: 6, 12, 21

MARINElife day trip tickets cost £20 per person, which includes a £5 donation to MARINElife when booked using promotion code 'MARINE'.  

For more information on Condor Ferries MARINElife day trips and to book, please visit our day trip pages


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